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Bitte nicht schlürfen.

Good news, everyone: I suddenly remembered I have a blog! Which is pretty great timing, because I spent a week in Germany and actually have stuff to blog about. (I mean, not that entries entirely devoted to the melting of … Continue reading

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Plans have changed again, and now I am definitely Cologne-bound. WOW. This must really be an emotional roller-coaster ride for the avid readers of my blog! Well, all three of you can relax now. The pressing is-she-going-to-Cologne-or-is-she-not-going-to-Cologne question has been … Continue reading

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Not Actually Cologne-Bound At All, In Fact

So, here’s the thing. It turns out I don’t know anything about German trains, and that I misunderstood something or other from someone or other, and as a result I was completely wrong about taking a train from Frankfurt to … Continue reading

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I have this “Poetry” category.

I guess I should use it more. Asters (Gottfried Benn) -translation by Leo Yankevich- Asters—sweltering days, old entreaty, spell, the gods shed timid rays, an hour upon the scale. Once more the golden flocks, the sky, the light, the veil. … Continue reading

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Okay, fine. Technically I’m Bonn-bound, not Cologne-bound. But I’m BEGINNING the trip in Cologne, so…there you go. Okay, FINE. Technically I’m beginning the trip in Frankfurt, not Cologne. And technically I’m barely going to be in Cologne at all. BUT … Continue reading

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