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I think I’m dying

Yes, I am being dramatic, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD there is no way my body can sustain this level of intake vs. outtake for much longer. EVEN MY CAT APPEARS CONCERNED, which he is demonstrating by staring intently … Continue reading

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Dit und Dat

So, in general, I am pretty terrible at sleeping, something which is only getting worse as I get older. Here are a few things that will legitimately keep me up at night if they are not remedied immediately. (NONE OF … Continue reading

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Out of Sorts

I learned two very important lessons this weekend: 1. When you are out of sorts, you should NOT drink dirty martinis, because then you will probably pick a fight with someone in the middle of Kenmore Square. 2. When you … Continue reading

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Okay, fine. Technically I’m Bonn-bound, not Cologne-bound. But I’m BEGINNING the trip in Cologne, so…there you go. Okay, FINE. Technically I’m beginning the trip in Frankfurt, not Cologne. And technically I’m barely going to be in Cologne at all. BUT … Continue reading

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Kitchen Disaster

Sometimes, you feel like making cookies enough to want to go through the trouble of getting out ingredients, measuring them, mixing them (with your electric mixer that only has one functional beater), spooning them out onto cookie sheets, and baking … Continue reading

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