I have this “Poetry” category.

I guess I should use it more.

Asters (Gottfried Benn)
-translation by Leo Yankevich-

Asters—sweltering days,
old entreaty, spell,
the gods shed timid rays,
an hour upon the scale.

Once more the golden flocks,
the sky, the light, the veil.
What breeds the familiar flux
of wings before they fail?

Once more now the lust,
the rush of roses, and you—
the summer’s leaned to watch
the swallows skirt the dew,

and once more does not falter,
sure dark precedes new light:
the swallows drink the water
and fade into the night.

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2 Responses to I have this “Poetry” category.

  1. I’m a fan of Gottfried Benn, but this isn’t my favorite poem of his about asters. There’s a poem called “Kleine Aster” (I think) that is pretty good, which you should also read. German Expressionist poetry! Yeah!

    • Burning and Frigid says:

      Dear Gabe,

      Thank you for not pointing out that I totally misspelled Gottfried Benn’s name. Although IN MY DEFENSE…so did the translator of the poem. Minus a million points for him, minus half a million points for me.

      In any case, I will check out some of his other stuff! Maybe one day I will understand it in German.


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