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I think I’m dying

Yes, I am being dramatic, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD there is no way my body can sustain this level of intake vs. outtake for much longer. EVEN MY CAT APPEARS CONCERNED, which he is demonstrating by staring intently … Continue reading

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Dit und Dat

So, in general, I am pretty terrible at sleeping, something which is only getting worse as I get older. Here are a few things that will legitimately keep me up at night if they are not remedied immediately. (NONE OF … Continue reading

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Somebody should probably intervene here.

Currently, I am enamored with the idea of getting tattoos similar to the jewelry or whatever that is all over Imogen Heap’s neck and arm in this video. I am actually not kidding. Seriously, somebody should probably intervene here.

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“I know that’s redundant, but otherwise it doesn’t spell anything.”

Okay, so in one of my very first blog entries, I mentioned that this blog would probably include “a healthy dose of information about my cat’s daily activities.” And yet, here we are, several months in…AND I HAVE NOT DELIVERED! … Continue reading

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Upside: No Philosophy; Downside: No Calvin & Hobbes

When I was about 13 years old, my mother said to me: “You have an addictive personality. Never drink.” THIS MAY OR MAY  NOT have been in reference to the fact that I really liked the Backstreet Boys. Who knows. … Continue reading

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This Blog Entry Will Almost Certainly Bore You

This is another boring blog entry, and I apologize in advance. I feel badly that I told a bunch of additional people about this stupid blog, and now am writing consecutive posts that refer to philosophy. Sorry, guys. I assure … Continue reading

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Burning and Frigid

*Edited to note: Maybe this blog entry will be less boring if I had a Calvin & Hobbes strip at the end? GREAT IDEA.* I changed my blog URL. There is a long explanation for why, upon which I am … Continue reading

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Plans have changed again, and now I am definitely Cologne-bound. WOW. This must really be an emotional roller-coaster ride for the avid readers of my blog! Well, all three of you can relax now. The pressing is-she-going-to-Cologne-or-is-she-not-going-to-Cologne question has been … Continue reading

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Not Actually Cologne-Bound At All, In Fact

So, here’s the thing. It turns out I don’t know anything about German trains, and that I misunderstood something or other from someone or other, and as a result I was completely wrong about taking a train from Frankfurt to … Continue reading

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Out of Sorts

I learned two very important lessons this weekend: 1. When you are out of sorts, you should NOT drink dirty martinis, because then you will probably pick a fight with someone in the middle of Kenmore Square. 2. When you … Continue reading

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