In Which I Write a Blog Entry To Avoid the Gym

Here are some things that I am excited about:

1. My orchid. I HAVE AN ORCHID, and I was really bad at taking care of it for the first six months. By which I mean, I watered it entirely too often, and let it sit in a windowsill where my cat would constantly headbutt it for no discernible reason. Then, after it didn’t flower for six months, I decided that it was dead, stopped watering it, and forgot about it. UNTIL THREE MONTHS LATER, when I looked at it again and it was blooming. So, it turns out, if you think an orchid is dead and forget about it, it flourishes. You’re welcome.

2. Knitting. KNITTING IS AWESOME AND A THING THAT COOL PEOPLE DO (see: I could not for the life of me figure out how to turn that link into words instead of a URL, which probably means I shouldn’t be writing a blog. (If I could have turned it into words, it would have said “this On Point show which I haven’t actually listened to but is surely fantastic.”) Currently, I am knitting a cowl for my aunt. Next, I am knitting a cowl for me. After that, WHO KNOWS?! Would you like me to knit you something, O Ten Readers of my Blog? I could conceivably do that. Since there are only ten of you.

3. Living on a farm and owning alpacas. I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS SOMEDAY GUYS. I will have a dog (or seven) that herds them (even though I’m pretty sure alpacas don’t need herding), and I will  make yarn out of their…fur…or whatever it’s called (I will find that out, don’t worry), and I will name them after obscure literary characters like LASKA, the dog from Anna Karenina and KARENIN, the dog from The Unbearable Lightness of Being. (Sorry, but there are not any fictional alpacas of which I am aware.)

4. Folding clothes. This last one is pretty weird, and hard to explain, so I’m not going to. But I’m really excited to go fold some clothes now. Just go with it.

So, life’s pretty good, and I am excited about things, and writing this blog entry was way better than going to the gym.

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6 Responses to In Which I Write a Blog Entry To Avoid the Gym

  1. Creaky Machinations says:

    I pretended not to know how to link to elicit comments. MWAHAHA.

    I wish that were true.

  2. Doug says:

    Jess: “Does Kelly’s blog really have TEN readers?”

  3. Dave Metz says:

    Nothing says “cool” like an endorsement from On Point (who’s that with? OH YEAH IT’S WITH TOM ASHBROOK LIKE YOU’D EVER ALLOW US TO FORGET).

    • Creaky Machinations says:


      You are the nerd of all nerds. REPRESENT.

      I feel like I can’t pull off “represent,” actually.

      • Creaky Machinations says:

        Uhhh, no one else can see what you listed your website as.



        Seriously, really bad at WordPress.

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