Skype is a Noun and Also a Verb

I’m really struggling with the capitalization of my blog entry titles. I know there are rules about this, but I don’t have a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style at home. Not to mention, I feel like it might make me a really big nerd if I consult the Chicago Manual of Style to write a blog entry. Anyway, I’m going with “also” being capitalized, because it looks less weird than when it isn’t. Believe me, I know, because I have now spent more time vacillating between the two capitalization options than I have actually writing this blog entry. Which should be obvious from the fact that it is supposed to be about Skype, and that – right there – was the first time I actually used the word “Skype.”

My brother lives really far away, which is dumb, because I miss him. He also works for Microsoft, which is not dumb, because he sends me free Web cams! And also it’s a good job or something. So now I have Skype! And I can skype people! Does anyone want to know what my cat is doing right now? Because if you do, I can skype you and show you. It is pretty exciting: he has spent the last thirty minutes trying to pry open my closet door with his paw because he knows I have a whole bunch of yarn in there. Oh look, now he has given up and is chewing on an electrical cord. JUST IMAGINE WHAT YOU COULD BE WATCHING RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAD SKYPE.

Anyway, I like to be anonymous sometimes, so I tried coming up with creative Skype names that weren’t actually my name. I thought this was pretty clever, because my name isn’t that uncommon, really, so it’s got to be MUCH more likely to be taken than an obscure line of poetry from Walt Whitman. RIGHT? No, actually. Which leads me to the conclusion that someone else in the world has (a) identified with one particular line in “Song of Myself” (which is really LONG, by the way); and (b) decided to make it their Skype name. Except that, when you think about it, THIS SEEMS EXTREMELY UNLIKELY. Which leads me to a revised conclusion: Skype hates Walt Whitman.

And that is what I learned about Skype today.

(NB: I briefly considered changing this blog entry title to “Skype Hates Walt Whitman,” which I think we can all agree is a far superior title, but I already wrote that whole thing about the capitalization, and…eh.)

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