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Skype is a Noun and Also a Verb

I’m really struggling with the capitalization of my blog entry titles. I know there are rules about this, but I don’t have a copy of the Chicago Manual of Style at home. Not to mention, I feel like it might … Continue reading

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Baby Showers Are Weird But Pooh is Pretty Great

I like babies. I’m not saying I don’t like babies. Babies are cute. In fact, there was a baby in front of me at CVS the other day (her mother was there too, don’t worry), and we became best friends. … Continue reading

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40 Miles

I drive 40 miles to work, which amounts to about two and a half to three hours in the car every day. Needless to say, Steve Inskeep, Michele (MEE-shell, get it right) Norris, and Tom Ashbrook and I are really … Continue reading

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First of all, I’m so clueless about blogging that I don’t know whether “Creaky Machinations” is my blog name or my user name. Or both. Whatever. In any case, I’d like to clarify something for you, dear reader: Creaky Machinations … Continue reading

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